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Kristen Pacheco

Event Manager

Kristen started with Blackstone as a server in August 2013 and has been an Event Manager for the last several years. She has been working in the hospitality industry for the last 17 years. Even though she loves being an event manager, she does miss being a server and having the opportunity to set up all the charcuterie boards.


When she is not working for Blackstone, Kristen spends her days as sixth grade math teacher at JH Gaudet Middle School in Middletown, RI. She is currently in her tenth year of teaching middle school math. She loves jumping back and forth between the world of teaching and the world of catering and applies the same mindset to both careers – keep calm in the organized chaos.

Fun Facts About Kristen:

  • Working at Blackstone is basically a rite of passage for my family – almost every cousin of mine has been employed at Blackstone at some point in their lives.

  • I travel every chance I get – last year I went to Nashville, Japan, France, England, Switzerland, and Amsterdam.

  • I am a diehard Red Sox fan and fan of baseball in general. My dream is to go to every major league ballpark; I have currently visited nine out of thirty, with three more being planned for this year.

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