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Dave Tungett

Co-Owner & Assistant General Manager

Dave is a native to Rhode Island, growing up in Middletown and eventually becoming a  graduate of Johnson & Wales with a degree in Hospitality Management.


His very first job was at Blackstone as a dishwasher at fifteen years old. While Dave was attending Johnson & Wales, he became a bartender for Blackstone Caterers and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2015.


In 2011, Dave and Karen Tungett got married, using Blackstone as their caterer, and now have two beautiful children, Chace & Olivia. Alongside Karen, Dave became Co-Owner of Blackstone Caterers in June of 2019. 

Fun Facts About Dave:

  • I love to play UNO with my Kids

  • I’m meticulous about mowing my lawn

  • I am the cook in the family and my wife is the taste tester

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