Food & Drink

Culinary Offerings

Seasonality is the inspiration for menu creation. Simplicity of dishes allows the ingredients to speak for themselves and celebrate our sense of place and spirit of the seasons. Whether it is focusing on southern New England or weaving in elements of our clients family traditions, we look to our local terroir as a guide to personalize each event to match our clients tastes. Visual enhancement brings a deeper dimension to the whole experience. We utilize the garnishes of seasonal fruit, vegetables, flowers and foliage to complement tables and platter presentations.

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At Blackstone we like to introduce guests to some of the diverse, seasonal elements that add a fresh, inspired twist to our events. Specialty cocktails change throughout the year, as fruits and vegetables come into their prime and certain tastes and textures then become our features of the season. We have created syrups made from pomegranate, lavender, blood orange as well as our own liquor infusions with fresh ingredients like thyme, fennel, coffee and hazelnut added to various spirits including vodka, gin, rum and bourbon.

We also select wines and beers that will match your food menu further enhancing the experience for your guests. Whether it’s inspired by the seasonality, style of food or favorite vineyard or brewery, Our planners work with our beverage guru and legend Len Panaggio to come up with fitting additions to any event menu. Ask your planner to guide your menu with some inspired libations! Cheers!